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Social Media Manager

Our go to social media wonder women. Maria is 25 and is currently studying Rhetoric at Aarhus University. She says that she is currently writing her masterthesis on small businesses credibility on social media platforms. As a part of A Mind For You she mainly focuses on communications on the socialmedia and branding. Writing has been a great love of her since she was very young, and she straight loves creating new and engaging content. Maria expresses her avid interest in social medias and the new communication reality social medias has created. She utilizes her spare time as a part owner of a serving company. And of course, she loves spending time with her horse. She is the kind of reliable person you can always count on.

Jatin Thakur

Digital Marketing Manager & Stratergist

A well rounded digital marketer equipped with a variety of skillsets. Hands like that of a wordsmith, Jatin excels in writing a great copy that entices the viewers.
Also, a WordPress website developer, this guy can make wonders with his ever-growing arsenal of skillsets – further including SEO, blogs and article writing/specific content writing, copywriting, Google and Facebook ads and Google Analytics manager. Coming up with potential strategies. Troubleshooting problems in situations of pinch is just another aspect of work – Jatin handles.
Rising from life on humbleness, gratitude, empathy and sheer kindness; He is bsessed with fitness and calisthenics, books, anime and music (2 are his unconditional love). Jatin comes with a full package and is here to grow businesses.

Brian Møller Jacobsen


Brian Jacobson, better known as “The Wild One” is a born challenger. After taking inspiring dares – including, walking across Iceland, or a 110km walk in one day, or even living from playing poker – finally he is taking on the challenge to bring life to people’s vision.

Jacobson’s first encounter with the power of the mind was his miraculous healing from a serious motorcycle accident. Doctors had deemed him incapable to run again, with no hope. Regardless, Brian retrained his entire being for those dreadful dares.

Being recovered from such a will shattering adveresity was just a beginning. A new twist awaited Brian. The next thing he knew, his personal relationships started falling apart. They became destructive, finally, Brian’s own relationship with life became destructive. [expand title=”read on” tag=”h2″]
The physical adversity just went by, when Jacobsen found himself in the struggles of the middle of mental health issues and reactive behaviors. Though, he knew, this had to stop. Brian says, “something within me rose to speak: I DESERVE peace!”
Afterward, Brian started a significant aspect of his journey, that allowed him to teach mental health. He studied every aspect of mind training, energy awareness he could discover.. Deepak Chopra, A Course In Miracles, Yoga, Sadhguru, Mooji, Bentinho Massaro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Napoleon Hill and many more. With one focus in mind, how do they bring their ideas to life?
After successfully finding the essentials to do so, Jacobsen began his practice in 2016 for teaching it forward.

Brian puts it in following words.

“I have not had any interest in money or monetary gain from my teachings, but, for such misunderstanding, I had to find people to support me to teach. That was a deep innate unworthiness showing its ugly face and I realized as I valued my own time, thus I had to ask for that commitment and value from the people I am here to teach.
Brian has started my life from scratch in 2015 – with only a backpack and this idea in mind – succeded brightly in doing so. Now, 5 years later, as I am writing on my work table taking small sips of coffee; I am the Owner of A Mind For You. Have developed 2 major courses in Mental Health training and The Ultimate Students training.
I am a self-taught and self-actualized mind trainer. I went my ways and developed my own career. Allowing me to be capable of teaching this forward, to anyone ready to live their passion. I have achieved a stable level of mental health, practicing forgiveness and the main habits you will see in Ultimate Students Course 9 steps.
I have gone through addictions and overcome my fears to stand up for what I see possible. The one denominator of all my addictions, be it weed, girls, sex, porn, poker, partying is written in following words: The fear and pain of not being who I want to be, thus feeling unworthy of love and instead of seeking relief from this major pain. I separated myself from my world, my life mentally, and that pain was so strong I tried all sorts of coping mechanisms.
Now I am healed, I am strong, I see my purpose and I am being and doing it.
I am not your normal teacher, nor your trained psychologist. I am just a self-healing mechanism who have faced my demons, my fears and realized who and what I truly am. By doing so, I discovered our shared creative abilities and found a way to teach them. And I am here to spread love together.” [/expand]

Your Life is what you make of your thoughts