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Self-confidence, joy, and inner peace imagine for a moment, to have these qualities in your life! 

Let’s be honest with one another, do you want it or not? 

With me, you can learn how to transform your relationships, self-esteem, and even begin the business or career you are longing for!

So… why hasn’t it happened for you yet? 

Why are you still hoping that the right person is someone else than you?

Come on… admit it.

This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to become more confident and fulfilled in your daily life, relationship, business, and with yourself…

Hey, my name is BRIAN MØLLER JACOBSEN, and not too long ago I was fighting this battle just like you…but I discovered something, so it doesn’t have to be like that!

What makes a man decide to let go of everything in his life, all his possessions, all his friends, all his past? 

Let me tell you a story about my pilgrimage across Iceland, done in the Spirit of self-exploration and the desire & love for being with my daughter. 

Working in the chains of nine to five, was never something for me. Back in 2010 I had enough and moved to the countryside with my girlfriend and mother to be. We decided to start over and begin a new chapter.

When my daughter was born in November 2012, we were in the midst of trying to start a new business. I was working hard but didn’t see immediate results. After a year of trying, that’s when my daughter’s mom started to get really anxious and worried about the future. 

At that time, I didn’t understand the underlying mechanisms and what was really going on. All I experienced was, the more I tried, the fewer things worked out, and the harder they got. The longer work hours resulted in half-hearted communication and time spent with my partner and daughter. The downward spiral of working harder, getting fewer results, and thus building more tension had begun… 

It came to the point when my partner gave me a 3-day deadline to find a job to earn at least 4000 USD/month or otherwise she would take our daughter and move from Denmark to Iceland, her home country.

I did not work out any solutions in these 3 days. So in 2014 June, I had to help them pack and watch them leave.  

As you can imagine, I was devastated. I was frustrated, sad, and hopeless. With a deep longing to see my daughter again and spend time with her.

Not having her and not even knowing when I will be able to see her again was pure pain. My head was spinning around, restless, and trying to find solutions… 

I didn’t have much money back then, so I couldn’t afford to book a flight less to say pay for a place to stay. Instead, I bought a boat ticket. Well, to my surprise, just after I bought the ticket with the money I had left, I realized that the boat wasn’t going to Reykjavik, near the place where my little daughter lived now.

It was going to Seyðisfjörður, the EXACT OPPOSITE side of the island. 

Though, It was like a slap in the face, a punch in the gut. Making me feel nauseous and dizzy. 

“I fucked up again…” But then something sparked in me, a feeling, followed by a vision. The energy within me that had been there the whole time, but long-forgotten buried on layer upon layers of fear. 

My vision shined bright, what if this is my opportunity to change? 

What if I embrace this path, walk across Iceland, and make the journey to arrive there as a different person? Arrive as the father I always wanted to be for my daughter. Arrive as the person, I always wanted to be for myself?

“YES! – let’s go.! I had a good month to prepare and get the equipment needed, tent, hiking shoes, food, jacket etc.

I went on the boat in 2015 and as I was about to start my walk, I still vividly remember: “This half skeptical half pitiful look the boat captain gave me when I told him about the walk ahead of me, 650km. After failing to convince me to do otherwise, he sighed and said: “Well good luck!” 

The walk did NOT go as planned at all… I was met with the worst winter weather in 25 years. Wind speed of 36 – 72km/h in the day time, and rising up to hurricane speed some nights of 108km/h. I had to change my tent, into a bivvy and get a shovel to dig ice caves.

The walk lasted only 2 weeks, walking through the blizzards, sometimes limiting me to move 10 steps at a time, before the next break. I slept outside and pushed myself to my physical and mental breaking point to go and hold my daughter in my arms again.

The journey taught me many lessons for how we approach life. How the mind works, but also how we are supported to go on the journeys we lay before ourselves. A vision comes into being, the moment we accept it for ourselves. It is an internal shift and a new perspective to share with everyone we meet on our path. 

I began to understand the power that lies within our minds and I made my first experiences of how to tap into this power during my pilgrimage across Iceland.

The trip was a mix of me walking from town to town, passing mountains, and hotspots. But it didn’t go as planned and I did take some of the help offered by “strangers” along the way. I suddenly understood that this trip was not to please my ego, make everything perfect. It was to allow my vision to see life as a whole, allowing the help needed and let go of the stubbornness to do everything by myself. 

I saw how my joy, my vision would inspire people, just by sharing a moment with me, in a car, in a hot spring or even one, who decided to walk with me for a little while…! That is the purpose of my life, to inspire, to make our shift together into the vision and blissful state we so much have longed for.

I ended up in Reykjavik and a year I stayed in Iceland visiting my daughter. Every visit was like a living present.

I would love to tell you now that this was it, that I had figured it all out by then. But…

…it would take me another 5 years of studying myself and the mind to fully understand the underlying mechanisms. To convey the lessons I had been given, from starting from scratch with a vision at heart and a mind to work for it! How did it all come into being?

As I reflected on my own childhood, always being told what to do, what was right and wrong, and never asked for what I really wanted to…I decided to create the blueprint for connecting with our hearts’ values, our vision, and bring it to life.

I might not get the chance to be in my daughter’s life physically, as I had hoped for, but I will make a gift for her, that will last a lifetime of joy.


And that’s when I started to translate my knowledge, breakthroughs, and experience into a system. A step-by-step blueprint that enables us to create the life we always dreamed of by purposefully tapping into the power of our creative force, and make the mind work for it!

It took me years 2015 – 2019 to develop this framework. The interesting thing was that while developing the system, it also changed me. By putting it from my mind into an actual course, I would get reminded of what really works and was immediately able to benefit from it. 

I still use it daily. It has become exactly what I decide it should be. The course is a blueprint a go-to resource reconnecting to my heart. My vision and joy for life.   

But it wasn’t just me. People would see me change. They would feel my new energy and start to approach me, asking for help. I started to show them – based on the blueprint I created for my daughter and myself – and the same transformations would happen for them. They would gain the curiosity and motivation to create again. Create that relationship they longed for, the connection with their partner or children. Create a business or be confident to show up, feel great about who they truly are!

If you are not sure yet that take the trial access for the course >>HERE<<
But if you have decided that you make a shift in your life, please read on… 

After so much positive feedback and my own life turned around to become more joyful, creative, and fulfilling I felt a strong desire to offer the service to more people. Knowing that my time is limited and I can only help so many people 1:1, I decided to leverage the power of today’s technology and put my teachings into a digital online course that anyone in the world can take at any time. 

Reflecting on the years spent, rebuilding everything from scratch and the pain, fears, were all worth it. I finally understand how the mind works and how I can make it work for the joy, the love, and peace I came here for! BUT – I don’t think that you and everyone else has to lose everything, to hit rock bottom and spend more years upon years to gain the same insights. 

What took over a decade to realize, yes, I asked for inner peace back in 2009. A failed relationship and hardship of living on the streets, starting from scratch. All this has now been put into a step-by-step program that anyone can use to train their mind to work for them, instead of reliving our fears and the old conditioning from parents and upbringing.

Let me introduce you to…

Become Your Vision – The Ultimate Student Course!

I have condensed the teachings, lessons learned through the failures, and hardship into 9 steps done over 126 days.

You will go through the training, learn the lessons as I did, and completely transform your mind to work for you! In fact, the course not only contains my lessons but also the lessons of the students who already have joined in this journey to see what we are truly capable of creating.

Results typically begin to happen within the first month of the training. A deeper state of inner peace and clarity for what you truly want. 

From here you can begin to really create that relationship and lifestyle you know inside, you are worthy of. 

Let have a look at what The Ultimate Students’ course will do for you:


  • GET FOCUSED: Train your mind to execute exactly what you ask it to do. Experience being at ease and enjoy the lightness of no longer forcing things to happen.


  • GAIN CLARITY & ELIMINATE LAZINESS: Learn how to keep your mind sharp and clear. Laziness, especially mental laziness can be detrimental and quickly create a downward slope of unfulfilling behavior and experiences. This course trains you to stay productive and consistent with simple mini habits that everyone can easily incorporate into their day.


  • MASTER ANY SITUATION LIFE THROWS AT YOU WITH EASE: The Ultimate Students Course teaches you how to adapt to every single situation and transform them into the vision you desire to create. You develop fundamental skills to always come from within and according to the values and the vision you desire to create. Thus you are living the vision you once just imagined possible! You will continuously learn and keep on flowing! 


  • OVERCOME FEAR AND ANXIETY: Understanding and living this Course’s principles will resolve old fears and anxiety while manifesting the life you envision will become your new normality.
  • LEARN HOW TO MAKE A LIVING FROM YOUR PASSION: The training in the course can be used to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Create skill sets and habits to begin working and getting paid for what you love to do. You may learn from people who already went from scratch into a fully monetized business, paying for the lifestyle they once just imagined and dreamed of. This means you will not have to buy expensive coaching, extra courses as you have the network within the community to learn from. Extract what knowledge and experience you can from people who already have gone before you…


JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF AMAZING, COURAGEOUS & LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE: The lifetime access to the course comes with a community of like-minded people to connect and learn together with. You will find ways to use the course’s teachings in different areas of your life, as everyone shares their unique experience of how it helped them on a daily basis! Thus we all learn together and keep each other to the fire of living our vision

So how much is the investment to get started?

Would you like to get access to “Become Your Vision – The Ultimate Students Course”?

For less than a Starbucks coffee a day, you can begin the lifestyle and mindset transformation right now. Access the step by step training and get started with reprogramming your thought patterns and learn to bring the creative attitude you know you have inside! 

Here are the options you have:

Monthly Subscription

This is a self-study course getting access to the course by a monthly subscription. Studying in your own time schedule.

After the trial it is $ 39 per month. 

Life Time Access

Study together with a dedicated community. Access new teachings and live group sessions and with a one time fee of $ 555. Here you get personal feedback within the group and have your individual questions answered. 


This is for you who wants personal training and direct access to a Mind Trainer. 

Are you our new success story?

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ALL the benefits that we begin to experience as we use our minds consciously are impossible to show you. But I do want to what is in store for you, as you begin this journey:

  • A 9 Module Self-Study Online Course with 40+videos educating & instructing each practice you need to perform.
  • You get everything in PDF sheets and One-Page Infographics / Mind maps that cover the key points of every step’s training.
  • A private FB group where everyone shares their progress and questions as they apply the practices.
  • LIVE event every 14th day covering a step in the course and answering questions to any difficulties anyone might have with it.
  • You have 1 free 90-minute session with mind trainer Brian Jacobsen. Here we connect with your desired version of yourself. Defining skill sets, habits, values, for who you want to be, and gaining clarity on what you desire to create more of.


Get Life-Time access to the course teachings, the community and meet people and trainers who devoted a lifetime of service for this cause. Just think about that – someone who has dedicated themselves a lifetime for bringing a service to his fellow human beings. 

No-one  – or at least that I know  of – is offering this kind of service, not even close, we have no competitors and so, the decision is simply yours. 

Is this really something you are ready to do? 

Cause you will get the needed teachings and guidance to realize that vision you want to see come true.

I’m going to take on all the risk, and give you my “If You Have Not Felt A Complete Shift In Your Mindset Attitude And Experience Deep Sense Of Joy, Relief, Increase Of Work Productivity And Overall Well-Being, I Have A Refund Police If You Can Document Your Work Input Doing The Training In The Course. Guarantee”!

If “Become Your Vision The Ultimate Students Course” doesn’t show you exactly how to get more self-confidence, gain joy and inner peace… if it doesn’t take you by the hand, step-by-step and shows you how you can master your mind and tap into your inner genius to create the life you desire. The Refund will be given. No questions asked!


Before you make up your mind, with or without us let me remind you:

– Every day you don’t live with a clear vision and a focused mind is a day of internal struggle and fighting within.

– The subconscious patterns programmed into you growing up as a child can cause serious damage to your health, relationships, and goals you set up for yourself. Maybe you are already experiencing this self-sabotage…

You already got this far, spending time being inspired by my story, well, let us create your story to tell and inspire beginning today!

So make the full commitment to invest in yourself right now and you’ll be taken to the secure order form. 

After you put in your credit card information, you’ll be taken to a secure members’ area where you can access “Become Your Vision The Ultimate Students Course”, anytime of the day!

For those who are already signing up, this is what’s going to happen next:

  • You get a Welcome email where you apply, to access our group community.
  • You have immediate access to the online course and can begin Step #1 Mental Health training. 
  • You need to book your first meeting, to get you on the right track and have any questions answered, so you get the full benefit of the course.

There are many courses out today, promising a change, ready to make your dreams come true. Some of them might be really great, some of them are 8-weeks full transformation bullshit. Here you see the content, you see what you get and yes, it is 18 weeks, 126 days of training. Just to give you the needed skills to really experience a mind working for you!

The price I am offering you, 555USD for all this, is an introduction price, and how many students and how long I can keep it open while keeping the quality high as I like, I don’t know.

So let’s go, I am excited to join and be with you on this journey of self-exploration and creating your vision together!

Thanks for stopping by!


Course Creator, CEO, Author, and Founder of A Mind For You Services!

Brian Møller Jacobsen

Life Time Access

Study together with a dedicated community. Access new teachings and live group sessions and with a one time fee. Here you get personal feedback within the group and have your individual questions answered.


This is for you who wants personal training and direct access to a Mind Trainer on a daily basis. Are you our new success story?
Start with a 15-minute exploration call.